The World’s Heaviest Wheeled Crane Is No Operational – And Already Showing Promise

XCMG, a prominent manufacturer, has propelled crane technology to new heights with the introduction of the XCA3000, the world’s largest tonnage-wheeled crane. This groundbreaking crane recently demonstrated its capabilities by efficiently lifting a 25-ton wind turbine blade, measuring an impressive 95 meters in length, to a towering height of 107 meters at the Dashiqiao Xintai New Energy 200 MW wind energy facility in Yingkou, Liaoning Province, China.

The XCA3000 stands out for its exceptional operational efficiency and lifting capacity, marking a significant advancement in the installation of wind turbines. Specifically designed for this purpose, the crane has doubled operational efficiency, enabling the swift installation of a 135-ton wind turbine nacelle generating 5MW of power within a remarkable 30-minute timeframe.

With an impressive lifting capacity of up to 3000 tons, the XCA3000 is ideally suited for setting up wind turbines with capacities of up to 10 megawatts. It has the capability to lift 190 tons to a height of 160 meters, establishing a new benchmark for wheeled cranes in terms of lifting capacity.

This development addresses the growing demand in the wind power industry for lifting and installation equipment with higher capacities and greater efficiency, especially as wind power components become larger and heavier.

The crane’s cutting-edge design incorporates high-performance flexible boom technology, resulting in a 20-30 percent reduction in the time required to install a wind turbine. Additionally, the XCA3000 boasts a 20 percent improvement in grade ability, enhancing its effectiveness in heavy-load transfer operations.

XCMG emphasizes its commitment to innovation by independently researching and developing wheeled cranes capable of lifting over a thousand tons, achieving import substitution with these models. The successful deployment of the XCA3000 not only sets a new standard in crane technology but also underscores the industry’s ongoing efforts to meet the evolving demands of the renewable energy sector.

As wind power equipment continues to evolve, the XCA3000 exemplifies the pivotal role advanced lifting technologies play in ensuring the efficient handling of these increasingly complex and heavy components.

“XCMG has independently researched and developed wheeled cranes capable of lifting over a thousand tons and has now successfully achieved import substitution with these models,” the company said in the statement.

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