This Radical Transmitter Can Charge Your Devices From 80 Feet Away

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Powercast has recently revealed its new radical transmitter that can charge multiple devices even when placed 80 feet away. The technology is set to be demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show. It gives coverage similar to WiFi and automatically charges the devices over the air. It doesn’t need charging mats or line of sight with the devices. The only thing you need to make sure is to enable the devices and keep them within the range overnight.

The PowerSpot transmitter can charge up to 30 devices that are in its range. The remote wireless charging technology transmits a radio-frequency signal to a Powercast receiver chip. This chip is embedded into a device to make it enable over-the-air charging. This is done by converting the RF energy to direct current.

According to Powercast, “It’s smart, efficient, automatically activates when devices need charging, and turns itself off when they’re done. Power is strongest at close range, up to half a watt and charging varies with distance, type and power consumption of a device.”

It can be used for a huge range of devices. The distance at which the devices should be kept depends on how much power they need. Those devices which are used excessively and use a lot of power such as headphones, gaming controllers, smartwatches and fitness bands. These work best when kept 2 feet away from the transmitter. Those devices which do not require that much power such as keyboards and mouse can be left six weeks away from the transmitter.

Lower power devices like home automation sensors can be charged from up to 80 feet away. The technology recently received a green signal from FCC for implementation. Home appliances, lamps, and gaming systems could be used as ‘PowerSpots’ that can charge other devices around the house. As the technology is approved by FCC, electronics manufacturers can now build wireless charging ecosystems and can offer their customers another convenient way to juice up their devices without plugging them into a socket with a cable. However, overnight charging for your smartphone is a huge lag and time to consume to charge the battery. The firm says that their system can be equipped with inductive charging capabilities that can charge the phones wirelessly, but the devices must be in contact with the charger.

The technology will be demonstrated at CES in coming January. Greene from Powercast said, “We know consumers also want to charge mobile phones, so at CES, we will showcase a technology demonstration, developed with a partner, of a PowerSpot transmitter that adds the Qi inductive wireless charging standard adopted by many mobile phones.”

The combination will provide a best of both worlds solution and will be operating within the range specified by FCC. This includes RF over-the-air charging for PowerSpot-enabled devices placed near the transmitter as well.

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