Have A Look At This Transformed Furniture For Your Cramped Apartment

As Real Estate prices skyrocket around the metropolis, most people are forced to live in the small and cramped apartments in pursuit of the “American Dream.” But, many active people who can’t get rid of the furniture fast enough can hardly adapt to the smaller space and end up cramping the whole area with stuff. This Italian-American designer named Boxetti has designed a range of modular furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. The unique features of his creations are the innovative compartments and fun design transformations that come in handy to make the most out of the cramped quarters.

His furniture not only transforms to fulfill our requirements of contemporary minimalism but also goes beyond that. It is human nature to find a way out of the imposed restriction and innovate better to make the most out of what we have. For example, the development of inverter technology would never have been this fast if the renewable energy systems and backup power batteries were not prioritized. Also, controlling the emissions from automobiles paved the way for better engine management and maintenance practices. This furniture provides some genius alternatives and allows us to think even more creatively to utilize the limited available space in an optimum manner.

When not in use, the furniture pieces have box-like shapes while taking up as little space as possible along with the added ability to fit with the walls. The furniture can be configured in plenty of ways for usage. The modules can sprout parts and become chairs, side tables for laptops, desks, and much more. Multiple parts can also function together to make a different furniture set. After extensive mind storming, the designer decided to make Boxetti “boxes” into five different modules for each type of room.

1. Boxetti Lounge

Boxetti Lounge is for living spaces. It has three hidden couch spaces with removable blocks that become tea tables. The sides can also be removed to become tables. The sofa is all comfy leather, and there are other useful removable furniture parts included in the set. It can adapt to any living room.

2. Boxetti Lunch

Boxetti Lunch is the box designed for a kitchen. It has compartments functioning as a refrigerator, drawers, cupboards, sinks, and even an LED spotlight for cooking!

3. Boxetti Private

This box has been designed to be used in the bedroom. It has a tall box that can double up as a bed and a wardrobe. Boxetti Private includes sufficient lighting and enough space to store all your possessions.

4. Boxetti Practice

It is the most creative of the lot. The Main feature is a seat that can be used for multiple purposes. You can play around with the allocated space and manage them as well.

5. Boxetti Thrill

It is a module for the TV room in which an LED TV can also be placed. Boxetti Thrill has an inbuilt sound system along with a Blue-ray player. All of this can be controlled by a remote. It incorporates plenty of space to organize your CD collection.


The furniture gives the best impression of these designs due to its amazing transformation.

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