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Tracking Parcels: Tips To Remember

Shopping online, exchange of official documentation and other distant deals require shipping services worldwide. But the more shipments, the more troublesome they are to track. Now the service like helps you to track the shipping of all the parcels and packages you wait for. 

The more – the better

It seems not to be a big deal: just use the courier site or app and track. Though, that’s true for those only who order not very much and not very often. But if you need to track about 10 or 20 (or even more) parcels, it’s far more comfortable to search for all of them in one place. 

The more packages you have, the more fast it seems. The service tracks many shipping companies worldwide, including both groups of the largest and the ones smaller couriers. The service tracks all types of packages, and it doesn’t matter what mode of freight is used for delivery. Therefore, you don’t have to bother if the format of your waybill number is possible to use with their searching system. The format depends on the country, the shipping company and the mode of delivery, can consist of both numbers and letters and contain up to 40 characters, but there is still nothing to worry about.

Tracking oversized parcels

Oversized parcels, such as medical equipment, sports equipment, engineering tools and tech devices, are generally expensive and essential. Hence, oversized shipments are more costly than regular packages. Tracking is crucial if you’re shopping for large items abroad or shipping oversized packages as part of your business. Untracked oversized shipments risk the likelihood of losing a large sum of money and other dire consequences.

Over-dimensional freight shipping is the most practical option for shipments of many oversized packages. Over-dimensional freight shipments include parcels exceeding 53 feet long, 8 feet and 6 inches wide, or 13 feet and 6 inches high. Shipping and tracking oversized loads can be more challenging than smaller ones. This is because they involve securing more requirements, resulting in additional fees, like over-dimensional surcharge. However, over-dimensional shipping companies resolve these problems. 

Over-dimensional shipping companies provide tracking information for oversized loads through their websites and apps. Online tracking tools are easy to use and provide real-time results, allowing you to track your big parcels stress-free. Aside from tracking, a trusted shipping company can help obtain permits, determine the right trailer, and secure your over-dimensional loads. In addition, a reputable company schedules pick-ups and provides drop-off services with the over-dimensional surcharge already included.

Tips to consider

Let’s clear a difference between the terms first. To track your package, you need a tracking number, which you enter at the search bar of the system. The term ‘tracking number’ is identical to ‘tracking code’ or ‘tracking ID’ or ‘waybill number’, and is assigned to the mail, not to what’s inside the package. But you should avoid confusion of these terms with the term ‘order number’, because that one means the code assigned to the product you’ve ordered. 

To track your shipment, you should follow the next steps:

  1. go to;
  2. the main page has the search bar where you have to enter your tracking ID;
  3. enter the code and click on the ‘search’ button;
  4. view information;
  5. repeat for each parcel. 

NB! Be sure to enter the code correctly, without spaces or dashes. 

With no waybill number available, search if your courier company allows you to use your order number to track the shipping. If no, you should contact the courier to know the status of delivery, again by order number. In case you’re a sender, ask the receiver if the shipping is delivered. 

Follow these simple steps and keep in mind the main info, then tracking your shipments is not a problem, whatever numerous they are.

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