10 Tools Every Engineer Must Have

Every engineer has to face a situation where they are expected to “fix” stuff. Irrespective of your discipline, and line of expertise, you will be called upon by friends, family, etc. to make broken things work. While we can probably never fix this mindset, having the right set of tools might still come in handy. We have compiled a list of 10 must-have tools for every engineer. Hope you find it useful!

1. Adjustable Wrench:

Ah, the trusted wrench. Is there anything which this tool can’t do? Using a wrench, you can turn nuts, bolts or pipes of any size as it gives you the sufficient torque to twist open and turn anything. Adjustable Wrench is best for portability and convenience, enabling you to set a broad range of nuts and bolts with a single tool.

Pic Credits: reedmfgco
Pic Credits: reedmfgco

Available here 

2. Pipe Wrench: 

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