Touch Your loved Ones No Matter Where They Are With Tactilu!

Touch Your loved Ones No Matter Where They Are With Tactilu!

TactiluScience and technology are moving forward and we can see a lot of changes taking place due to these advancements. We are constantly being bombarded with new gadgets and boy oh boy, the wonders that these small things can pull off are just ah-mazing! Science has definitely taken a leap from being a subject that was too boring and not much concerned with everyday aspects of life to something that is constantly working to make life better. These technological advancements have touched every aspect of our lives. Take dating for example; what once used to be a physical meeting has been converted into texting! The frequency of these texts is in most cases directly proportional to the dating compatibility. This virtual contact form is very popular and has its pros and cons. However, like everything that keeps on progressing, engineering has taken the next step in dating too. Tactilu, a wearable tech, a new idea, has been introduced which might very well turn into the next market success.

Tactilu 3Welcome to Pangenerator, a Poland based design studio, which has created a device that will change the concept of dating and how we all go about it. Tactilu is the name of the wrist device that they have created which is the next gen thing. What we are looking at is a wearable tech which is able to transmit the sense of touch remotely and hence allows for communication. The gadget is powered by an Arduino Pro mini microcontroller along with a Bluetooth module. This prototype basically allows its users to touch each other virtually, by using haptic feedback which is simulated by using an internet connection or Bluetooth and doesn’t matter how far the users are apart. Tactilu 2Although the gadget is already pretty out of the future thing, the company is hopeful that the next gen of this device will be much slimmer and hence more user friendly.


  1. Solaniin Reply

    I actually really like this, it looks very…touching. B]

    But really, this seems like a great invention. 8/10!

  2. mohammed navas Reply

    Touch Your loved Ones No
    Matter Where They Are
    With Tactilu!

    Cud u pls gv much infrmatin abut it…..
    Its prize, technology, etc…..

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