Here Is Why You Need To Put In A Password After Restart Instead Of Just Using A Fingerprint


It is irritating, especially if you aren’t very good at remembering passwords. But there is a pretty simple reason to this madness and today; you will finally understand why your phone doesn’t accept the fingerprint on a restart.

Despite all the reports of iPhone spying on its users, amazingly, the phone doesn’t store your fingerprints. Instead, it stores numerical representations of your fingerprints in a place called “Secure Enclave.” So whenever you place your finger on the Home button/sensor, a unique numeric representation is verified.

But the problem is that when you restart your phone, the iPhone database, along with the Secure Enclave, is not accessible until you enter the passcode, hence, the request is made. This process also leads to the fact that the best way to stop anyone from stealing your secret files stored on the iPhone is to shut it down.

Another reason could be to make sure that people don’t forget their passwords. By entering your password now and then, it remains fresh in your memory which is vital as, without your password, it is next to impossible to decrypt your data on your phone in case it gets blocked for some reason.

Besides, a six digit passcode is way more secure than a fingerprint scanner, especially after the news that your fingerprints can be stolen even from your pictures! To crack a six digit code, a person would need to perform 151,200 iterations. Performing all these iterations is a lot more cumbersome task than constructing a “fake print” to fool the TouchID.

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