Here’s How The Solar Eclipse On Monday Affected The Traffic In The US

The solar eclipse that most of the US witnessed on Monday was long awaited. Astronomers, photographers, and enthusiasts have been planning for years to see this eclipse, and they did. You will see some magnificent and some bad quality photos of the event, but one thing that you may not have noticed was the insane traffic on US roads. By insane, we don’t mean that the entire country was out on the roads. However, the traffic concentration formed a pattern that resembled the path of the shadow created by the eclipse.

Image Credits: Gizmodo

Most people were just busy to navigate to a place where they could get the best view of this spectacular phenomenon. But, Twitter’s @dicktoblerone apparently was the first one who noticed the traffic pattern. Google Map’s live traffic feature showed the clogged roads in the Southeast, the last region to witness the eclipse.

The US will see a total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024 again, and until then, you can try to find a house near the path of the shadow. Live in the shadows to get away from this insane traffic!

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