Toshiba Is Planning To Setup Huge Vegetable Factories In Japan

Toshiba Vegetable Factory 4

Japan’s food market is pretty diverse with some of the products coming from farms while others being grown inside factories, which provide the optimum conditions for vegetables. Having said that, you wouldn’t believe which company is willing to try out in this vegetable market; Toshiba! Yup, the company has decided to test out the market.Toshiba Vegetable Factory 3

The electronics giant has finalized plans for the construction of a vegetable production factory in the city of Yokosuka. The factory will use controlled air and lighting assemblies in order to provide optimum environment for the indoor growth of plants. Toshiba is expecting sales of around $3,000,000 annually. (Whoa)

Toshiba Vegetable FactoryThe construction of this factory is already in progress and Toshiba is hoping that it will be able to start shipping lettuce, spinach and other vegetables by July 2014 (that’s fast, really fast). The factory is being fitted with fluorescent lighting along with an air conditioning system that will allow Toshiba to keep the moisture level and temperature constant, thus promoting good growth within the factory.

This factory will be sealed off from the outside air and shall, therefore, provide a sterile environment that would remove the need for pesticides and will allow for the lengthening of shell life of the produce. The company has plans to sell the products from this factory to supermarkets and restaurants.

Toshiba Vegetable Factory 2

Japan currently relies on imports for the food demand of the country, however, with such factory/factories being placed inside the country, it will soon become self sufficient in food requirement. So you can very well expect more factories like Toshiba’s to pop up in Japan soon enough.


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