Tornado Shield Bag Protects You From Flying Debris In A Tornado

Tornado Shield

What do you do when you see a tornado heading your way? The safest bet is to either run to your basement or into a storm shelter specifically built for this purpose. However, choices are very limited in a real-life situation and that was the idea behind Tuuli Armor Tornado Shield when Steve Anderson, an entrepreneur from Missouri, designed it from scratch. Simply put; it is a big bag that you can get inside in case of a Tornado.Tornado Shield4

However, looks can be deceiving, don’t you agree? This simple bag, the Tornado Shield, won’t hold against beams falling on you and won’t save you from getting crushed, however, what the ballistic nylon construction will save you from are the lacerations that are caused by the flying pieces of debris. These injuries are the ones that tornado victims mostly suffer with.Tornado Shield2

Steve carried out tests for the material with glass, metal and wooden objects -the usual type that you can expect spiralling around in a tornado at high speeds. He used air cannon to fire these items at the material with speeds ranging from 322 to 418 Km/h. According to the results of these tests, the material was able to stand its ground and no object was able to penetrate the nylon at all. Even a steel rod akin to rebar wasn’t able to penetrate the material, however it sure didn’t show any mercy to the wood piece.Tornado Shield5 Tornado Shield6

After it has been zipped up, there is no opening whatsoever to let the wind enter and causing it to become airborne. The Tornado Shield is big enough to hold two adults and a child. It is also reported that having the combined weight of three persons shall help it anchor to the ground better. Tornado Shield3As of now, funds are being raised on Indiegogo and you can book a unit by making a pledge of $320. Check out the vimeo video below for more:

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