Top NASA Official Says Blue Origin Lawsuit Could Delay Moon Landing

Bill Nelson, the administrator of NASA, has been pointing fingers towards the man ardently working to prepone moon landings, Jeff Bezos, to be at the root of the delay in the same matter. Blue Origin’s supremo has filed a lawsuit that will cause hindrance in future Artemis missions to the Moon, according to Nelson.

Bill Nelson has previously also held Blue Origin and its lawsuit responsible for causing unnecessary delays. Thus, extending the timeline of the increasingly ambitious endeavors towards the moon. The Artemis missions will finally see humans’ step on the moon after a gap of several decades.

The problem stemmed from the contract handed over to SpaceX by NASA to develop the moon lander for Artemis. This obviously did not go down well with Blue Origin. The Artemis III mission is scheduled for 2024.

The basis of Blue Origin’s lawsuit is the claim that SpaceX’s proposed design and proposal overall does not meet the criteria of NASA. However, with a major lawsuit now set to ensure Artemis III is poised to delay, the timeline may be moved ahead of 2024.

We have to cater for here because the timeline of the project was under question even before the lawsuit was filed. Now, with this lawsuit in place, it is set for a turbulent ride towards its realization.

“If you have a coin, you can flip it as to what’s going to happen in the legal wrangling that’s going on right now,” Nelson stated in a press conference.

“What is the federal judge going to decide?” he continued. “When is he going to decide? What [are] the further legal possibilities about that? And once we know better about things like that, then we can answer on Artemis III, and then after that Artemis IV.”

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