Top 6 DIY Projects That Cost Less Than $3 To Make

Increasing range of Wifi

Looking for something to kill time? Or looking to spend your day a little more productive than getting fat on the couch getting stupefied by the television? Well if that’s the case than Wonderful Engineering brings you Top 6 DIY Projects that you can apply and build some cool things, all while saving some good money.

1. A Motion-Activated Burglar Alarm

Can’t afford those expensive burglar alarms? Why not try this cool fix which will cost you no more than $2.


2.  Pair of Noise-Isolating Earbuds

Sick of all the fuss around you in the home or in the office? Or do you just need a good shut eye without waking every 10 minutes due to someone’s shenanigans. Follow the below video and make yourself fully functional noise isolating earbuds in 1 dollar.


3. Control Your Camera from Afar with a Remote Shutter

You don’t have to spend good money in order to get a self-potrait or a family picture. Follow the video and make anyone of your digital cameras equipped with a remote shutter within $3.


4. Add a Microphone and Remote to Any Pair of Headphones

Using some cheap parts and a little bit of soldering you can turn your simple headphones into a multi functional device capable of picking up your calls, answering them and switching your music.


5. Mount Your Smartphone in Your Car

Now within $1, you can turn your smartphone into a video/audio playing device in your car. Follow the instructions in the video below!


6. Extend Your Wi-Fi’s Range

Although there are multiple methods of extending your Wi-Fi’s range, this one is probably the easiest and the cheapest of the lot. Follow the instructions


Did you like our list of DIY projects? Have something else to add to this list?

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