Top 5 Engineering & Science TV Shows That Teach You More Than Class

Top 5 engineering tv shows (2)

TV Shows focused on science, or engineering are not necessarily meant for only people related to that field. Quite often individuals who do not have a scientific background can learn a lot from them. So we recommend the following shows for you to watch

5. How It’s Made

Top 5 engineering tv shows (11)

A documentary TV series which features how everyday common items are made. From bubble gums to mobile phone, to walking sticks and even guitars & hoverboards. A narrator explains each process of an item while it is being shown to the audience. Each episode covers numerous items and so far there have been 26 seasons with a total of 312 episodes. The show has been running on Discovery Science channel since 2001.

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4. Megastructures

Top 5 engineering tv shows (20)

Another documentary TV series. Each episode is essentially an in-depth look into construction & management of some of the famous structures around the world. Each building/site featured are likes of which are not seen anywhere else in the world. The show explains how crews & workers on the site are living their lives while carrying out their duties. Some of the episodes covered “Nimitz class Supercarrier for the U.S. Navy”, Undersea tunnel between Coquelles, France and Folkestone, United Kingdom and the Golden gate Bridge.

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3. MythBusters

Top 5 engineering tv shows (13)

One of the most iconic shows for any science fanatic millennial growing up in the 2000’s. The show revolves around two engineers with their team taking on everyday urban myths through science. The show will Air it’s 14th and final season in 2016 bringing an end to an era. The show has tackled subjects such as ” can cell phones ignite fire at gas stations?”, “Could 2 prisoners have escaped from Alcatraz on a raft made from raincoats?”.  The show went with an experimental approach and graded any myth as “Confirmed”, “Plausible” or “Busted”. They would range different experiments with various limiting factors for a certain myth after which they gauge the myth.

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2. Mayday (Air Crash Investigations)

Top 5 engineering tv shows (4)

This is a documentary series that shows you how investigations were carried out for some of the most deadliest crashes & airplane disappearances in history. The show includes a reenactment of the disasters, interview with the chief investigators and even in some cases the survivors. It has a total of 131 episodes to date and have featured some of the most compelling documentaries.

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1. Through the Wormhole

Top 5 engineering tv shows (5)

Started in 2010, this documentary TV show is presented and narrated by Morgan Freeman. The show discusses some of the most intriguing & far fetched concepts in science with interviews & discussions with some of the top researchers in a particular field. The show has been a hit and Morgan Freeman’s presenting skills have been a significant reason for that. Initial episodes related to the creation of the universe & broaden the understanding of space & time for the user.  But recent episodes have focused on more socio-economic & geopolitical concepts with episodes named as “Is Poverty Genetic?” & “How to collapse a super power”. This show is certainly the one for an intellectual.

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