These Are The Top 5 Engineering Jobs Of The Future

The world is changing rapidly, and the only way to cope in the future would be to change along. Just about 10 years ago, Facebook and Twitter were infants, the iPhone had just been announced, 3D printing was mostly unheard of, and virtual reality was nearly unknown. The world has changed immensely in just 10 years, and the fast advancements are bound to bring a much greater change, right to the level of the Industrial Revolution.

As the world grows, Robotics, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence, and Algorithm Engineering form the core of it. All new technologies around us base themselves on a combination of these core technologies. The newer tech allows us to go above and beyond the mundane and repetitive tasks to focus on more pressing concerns. We can get machines to do the jobs that pose serious health threats to humans.

Evolution of the newest technology also means putting an end to many jobs of the past. This does not mean that it will entirely take over our jobs but create new and many new ones while killing some others. Honestly, no one wants to mine coal using the old, dangerous, and sickening methods.

It is not possible to predict each and everything that will come to the market in the coming years, but the most significant shift will be seen by the following fields of the engineering world.

5. Augmented and Virtual Reality Programming

3D games are a new thrill and the market is huge, already making millions of dollars. The trend has given rise to a lot of opportunities in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) fields. The tech maybe limited to games yet, but it will grow to reach many other fields in the future. The scope for AR and VR programming will continue to rise!

Image: Augment

Automotive application design, health and safety, and automation remain the top spheres where augmented reality will make its mark.

4. 3D Printing Specialist

Most of us had not heard of the 3D printers just a decade ago, but now the additive manufacturing technique is becoming one of the most crucial elements of production.

Image: Sick ChirpseThe technique brings down the material costs and reduces waste. Moreover, the improvement in software enables us to create complex parts, unlike other manufacturing techniques. As 3D printing continues to become more and more popular, we will require a lot of experienced 3D software specialists and programmers that will give rise to many opportunities in the area.

3. Algorithm Designer

Algorithm design software tools are only getting better, but that will never bring down the importance of software designers and developers. The algorithm development techniques are bound to change with time.

Image: Rambus

Human involvement in manufacturing will go down drastically, and the machines will do this job. It will then become the machine’s job to find out the perfect parameters for an object to fit the solution perfectly. This again will come down to humans to develop AI-based software that generates a smart solution.

2. Sensor System Integrator

Almost all of us carry some small gadgets with at least five sensors on them. Sensors continue to become an important part of our everyday lives due to the rapid growth of the Internet of Things. We wear bands to monitor our health and turn down stoves with our remote controllers. Bringing all these sensors together to keep your life fully connected is all the rage!


These sensor networks can also connect entire residential buildings or just the smart devices in your home. They can even analyze your data to develop better products and improve efficiency. There is no end to this!

1. Robot Programmer

Remember Rosie, the Robot Maid from Jetsons? That is just one aspect of the robotic future we look through. Robots are already assembling our cars in automotive plants, serving cocktails, cooking foods, and flying planes. A decade or two later, they will be analyzing situations to make critical decisions. Don’t worry! They need to learn all of this from Human Trainers.

Image: Mindomo

The future of machine learning is super bright, and it is going to require lots of people and experience.

The sooner we learn about the requirements of the future, the better we will be able to prepare ourselves for it. If you wish to pursue any degree now, make sure it fits the opportunities that the future has to offer. Remember, all of these jobs are going to require a high-level university education.

Are you prepared for the New Industrial Revolution?

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    It is significantly more reliant on understanding these engineering jobs in beginning periods and selecting in scholastic projects that set you up for progress. Potential planners intrigued by these territories have a considerable measure of engineering openings for work to search for in the following 10-20 years.

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