Top 5 Commonly Used Materials That Are Resistant To Heat In Buildings

Old Glass Can Be Grounded And Used As Aggregate In Concrete

Being able to keep your building safe is very important. One of the biggest concerns that people have with protecting their investments when it comes to building properties is fire damage. Fires can completely decimate a building but there are ways for people to be more prepared. Take a look at the top five heat-resistant materials used in buildings below to get a better idea of how important these materials are.

1. Concrete

Concrete is actually very heat-resistant and you’re going to see this being used in many different buildings. This is one of the most common building materials around for a reason. Fire isn’t going to be able to negatively impact the structure of concrete very quickly. This gives firefighters time to fight a blaze if a fire breaks out at a property.

The fact that concrete has such low thermal conductivity makes it a great fit for this list. It might even be the most important material that is resistant to heat. It’s very practical to use for the foundation of buildings. Concrete is even used in many skyscrapers to protect steel from fire so you know it’s an important asset to builders everywhere.

2. Fire-Resistant Glass

Fire-resistant glass is actually very important for taking care of both homes and commercial properties. Windows are an essential part of a building and you want them to be protected from fire as much as they can be. Using fire-resistant materials to create glass is going to help to keep homes safer. It prevents them from becoming fire hazards and people who install fire-resistant glass will have greater peace of mind.

People can install windows in their homes that are completely fire-resistant. Many of these windows are also going to have the added benefit of being energy-efficient. This is a very practical type of material that can resist heat. It’s an important material for building owners who want to reduce fire risk as much as possible.

3. Gypsum

Gypsum is used in walls in order to protect from fire. This material is also just very practical to use for making walls. You might know gypsum boards better as drywall. This is something that gets used in buildings every single day so you can see why it would wind up on this list.

4. Stucco

You may or may not be familiar with stucco. Heat-resistant materials such as stucco have been in use for a very long time. This is actually a type of plaster that gets used in many different projects. People use it as a building material and it’s even commonly used in art pieces.

When this is used for buildings, it’s usually covering some type of structural material. Builders will use stucco to cover brick, wood, or other materials. It makes it possible to protect things from fire and it’s really easy to use.

5. Brick

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see brick on this list. Brick is a type of fire-resistant material that people have been using to build structures for a very long time. They’re very resistant to fire and brick walls have a good fire resistance rating. This gives firefighters time to contain a fire when one breaks out.

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