3 Mysteries That Science Has Not Been Able To Explain Yet


From sending men into the outer space to digging into the depths of Earth’s crust and extracting valuable minerals and materials; science seemingly has no limits. The scientific revolution has made our world a better, safer and a whole lot more interesting place to live. But there are still many phenomenon and events that remain unexplainable, even by science. Barring the philosophical questions on existence and the reality of life, today we will dwell on the three most interesting things science has failed to explain – yet!

1. Intuition

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Everyone has experienced the sixth sense, gut feeling or intuition at one time or another. As any sane person would concur, intuition is usually wrong most of the time, e.g. getting butterflies in your stomach just because of “good vibes” from an anonymous person, or letting your heart sink at the slightest of aircraft turbulence. But the weird thing is, these intuitions do turn out to be right sometimes. Psychologists explain this phenomenon regarding people subconsciously assimilating information about their surroundings and then, being able to use the same information to predict something without any evidence or scientific logic.

2. Deja vu

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Deja vu is French for ‘already seen,’ and refers to the spontaneous, puzzling, and sometimes freakish sensation of having experienced a certain event and circumstances as they are happening in front of your eyes. A person walking by a park for the first time and feeling that he had done the exact thing before, is one example of Deja Vu. Some people think that deja vu are psychic experiences or glimpses of your previous lives. Some also relate it to intuition, but unlike the naturalistic explanations by psychologists, science has been unable to crack the code.

3. Visions During Near-Death Experiences

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People who have suffered through near-death experiences often narrate some mystical occurrences, such as going into a tunnel, into the light, having your whole life flash before your eyes or being reunited with loved ones. Although no one can claim the existence of life “beyond the grave” from provable and verifiable evidence, yet, many people do leverage on the science’s inability to explain such visions.

Scientists claim that these events can be explained and predicted as part of hallucinations of a traumatized brain. A study of people suffering cardiac arrest in 2015 concluded that when someone’s heart is dying, the brain sends signals to prepare it and stay active, and this scramble inside our bodies might be responsible for brain’s hyperactivity. But people who have seen such visions refuse to believe that they were mere hallucinations!

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