Top 15 Most Innovative Countries Of The World

Most innovative countries in the world9

Innovation isn’t exactly a measure of intelligence or output of people living in a country. It is the ability of a state to enforce modern progressive laws, remove obstacles to trade and commerce and do business intelligently while relying on cutting edge technology as their competitive advantage. Many countries claim to be at the top of theĀ innovation pyramid based on their contributions towards science and society, but if they were to be ranked in terms of their collective innovative imprint on the world, how will they be placed?

Lets us take a look at this survey from the Cornell University and the World Intellectual Property Organization’s annual Global Innovation Index and see how the top 15 positions fared in the list.

15. New Zealand

Most innovative countries in the world15

The land of the Lord of the RingsĀ Trilogy has seen a significant increase in innovative filming technology in recent years especially in the use of drone technology. It ranks 15th on our list.

14. South Korea

Most innovative countries in the world14

The small Asian nation has been at the forefront of innovation thanks to its cutting-edge improvements in electronics and other R&D sectors.

13. Iceland

Most innovative countries in the world13

The small Scandinavian country is back in the mix after overcoming financial woes. It is now becoming an innovative unit for housing much of the internet’s data.

12. Germany

Most innovative countries in the world12

Germany is a robust, innovative country finding its place mainly for its countless developments in the automotive sector.

11. Hong Kong

Most innovative countries in the world11

The Chinese government’s vassal state has cemented its place in the innovation index and won’t let go that easily.

10. Denmark

Most innovative countries in the world10

The high rank of the Denmark is due to its high quality of education, a large numbers of researcher community and efficient system of governance.

9. Luxembourg

Most innovative countries in the world9

One of the smallest countries in the world is ranked ninth due to its high score in investment and trade divisions. Education is also one of the things that boost its rank.

8. Ireland

Most innovative countries in the world8

Despite the sluggish economy, the Republic of Ireland is at such a high rank on innovation because of its infrastructure and creative outputs.

7. Singapore

Most innovative countries in the world7

The East Asian nation stands out for its sustainable development sector and stable political environment.

6. Finland

Most innovative countries in the world6

Another Scandinavian country in the list means that this region is one of the most innovative in the world. Finland also has similar reasons for being here by excelling in technology, research and higher education.

5. United States

Most innovative countries in the world5

The United States is back in business with a positive stock exchange, its popular social media revolution and development in Information Technology.

4. Netherlands

Most innovative countries in the world4

The land-reclaimed nation is fourth on the list because of its strong online culture with the government and advancements in science and technology.

3. Sweden

Most innovative countries in the world3

The high-achieving Sweden has continued to achieve more because of its countless universities and research environment.

2. UK

Most innovative countries in the world2

The United Kingdom despite having lower education and productivity makes this list because of good all round display.

1. Switzerland

Most innovative countries in the world

The most innovative country in the world also happens to be the deposit bank of the world. Its knowledge-based economy and lucrative projects that spin a lot of money and knowledge keep it top of the world.

[Via Cornell University]


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