Top 10 Popular Cars Among Students

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If you’re to start going to college, it’s time to get yourself a car.

Cars are one of the best ways you can move in and out of campus faster, have the independence or freedom to travel, and bring convenience to your life as a student.

But before you run to your local car dealership, you must know which are the best cars for college students. And in this post, I’ll walk through this list of popular cars with you.

1.              Jeep Wrangler

It’s noticeable by its height and feature. This small SUV is designed for off-roading and great for students whose campus is out of the city. It’s a four-wheel-drive vehicle, and its popularity among students is because it is perfect for adventures.

2.              Volkswagen Jetta

This is a stylish car known for the fact that it’s fun to drive.

Its range of different technology or gadgets installed, like navigation and security systems, making it ideal for students.

3.              Honda Civic

The Honda Civic can be spotted in every campus parking lot. They’re loved because they have a wide range of technology like voice recognition.

 Its amazing safety features made the 2018 Honda Civic model get an overall five out of five stars from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

4.              Chevrolet Spark

This affordable car makes it suitable for any student on a budget. Their fuel efficiency also makes it popular with students, so they can use the saved cash to find academic writing help.

It’s a small subcompact hatchback with a diverse range of features.

5.              Honda Accord

You can find it on the street of every major city and college. This sedan is reliable, has a good safety record, great fuel economy, a rearview camera, and its high-powered engine equal more horsepower.

6.              Toyota Corolla

This Japanese made vehicle has always been popular with college students since the 80s, 90s, and still today. It’s affordable and reliable when moving around campus or visiting family.

But it has better features since the 90s like automatic braking if it detects a pedestrian.

7.              Ford Mustang

They are cool and have a lot of power, making them attractive to students.

But this sweet car is a road vehicle, and taking it off-road can lead to more problems. Also, don’t race with it for your safety because you still need to study, even if you ask – write my essay for me cheap and graduate from college.

8.              Toyota Prius

It’s economical and ideal for students because it’s one of the cheaper options in the market. The fact that it’s a Toyota, it inherits the reliability that this car manufacturer is known for.

But it hasn’t been left behind in adding features like a backup camera and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

9.              Honda CR-V

This SUV is more of a family car, but it is also suitable for a college student. Having ample cargo space and room to carry five passengers, it’s a great car for going on a picnic.

It’s a perfect car for tough terrain like snow or rocky places.

10.   Kia Soul

Its boxy design makes it noticeable from a mile away. But don’t be fooled by its design and think that it can’t help you move to college.

You can fold its back or rear seats and have enough storage capacity for your stuff.

 Cars in college are very important for convenience and transportation. These best cars for college are frequently bought because they are cheaper and affordable. Despite being cheaper, they have a wide range of features or technologies for safe and comfortable driving.


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