Top 10 Most Beautiful Mobile Games


We all love smartphones as they have become an integral part of our daily lives. From browsing the internet to keeping schedules, smartphones are capable of doing a lot of things for us. Gaming is one activity that takes upto 30% time of an average smartphone  user. New games offer great graphics with riveting stories. Check out 10 of the most beautiful games on smartphones that test the smartphone capabilities to their limits and make a great eye candy too!

10. Dead Runner

dead runner

Considering running in a dark empty forest with unknown forces chasing you. This is pretty much what dead runner is. The environment of the game has been beautifully designed and thats why it makes it to number 10 on our list.

9. Incredipede


Incredipede is basically an eyeball that can grow limbs and it is on a quest to save its sisters from the evil forces. The game is beautifully illustrated and inspired by medieval woodcuts. The 17th century botany text scripts add to its uniqueness. Once you start playing, it will be hard to get your eyes off this game.

8. Limbo



Limbo is truly a gaming work of art. The game is based on silhouette of characters with a lighter background and its the pioneer of these type of gaming graphics. The enemies are well designed and the game always keeps you on your toes as an enemy might emerge anywhere, unexpectedly.



7. Machinarium


Josef is a robot who has to return to his city Machinarium so that he can rescue his beloved robot which was previously kidnapped by a mafia organization. To reach to his home city, he has to solve a series of puzzle. The user guides Josef to do different tasks by point and click commands. The game is really a beauty thanks to its hand-drawn illustrations.


6. Night Sky

Night Sky

Just like Limbo, This is a Physics game which has the silhouette of a character against a stunning view of the glowing night sky. This game will keep you glued for hours due to its incredible artistry and gameplay.


5. Osmos


The theme of Osmos revolves around a galatic mote. You have to eat the smaller organisms to grow and develop yourself. You also have to fight off the larger organisms. More like Darwin survival of the fittest theory in a game! The amazing colours of the game make it truly beautiful.



4. Sword and Sorcery

Sword And Sorcery

A pixelated world sounds like a gaming nightmare, but Sword and Sorcery masterfully sets this heroic fantasy in a beautifully antiquated world.


3. The Walking Dead

The walking dead

Based on the Walking dead series, the game revolves around a group of characters in a zombie infested world. The attention to detail in the story and characters of the game make it a masterpiece. The comic like graphics add to the eye candy!


2. World Of Goo

World Of Goo

Basically all you have to do is connect balls and make structures to go from Point A to Point B. The unique graphics of the game have earned it many awards and appreciation from game critics.

1. Year Walk

Year Walk


The game is based on an old man’s walk in the woods in search of omens. This is perhaps the most creatively original game we played on mobile. The graphics of this game are amazingly beautiful and will leave you astounded!


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    that is really and truly wonderful list , i think you can add monument valley and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider to the list too they both two wonderful games

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