Top 10 iPhone 6 Cases Under $10

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So now that the iPhone 6 is out, we all are looking for accessories to buy along with it. However, not many intend to spend too much on accessories such as phone cases and for those people, we have created a list of iPhone 6 cases that cost under $10. Go ahead and check out the list.

10. iPhone 6 Case by Spigen10. iPhone 6 Case by Spigen

This one is a slim case that comes with eco-friendly packaging and will cost you $9.99. The color available is crystal clear and the case has a flexible, durable and elastic TPU material that imparts an easy and comfortable grip. It comes equipped with air cushion technology and is capable of absorbing shocks quite well.
You can get one here

9. iPhone 6 Case by Obliq9. iPhone 6 Case by Obliq

Here’s a stylish case for your iPhone 6 and this one will cost you $5.99 while imparting a Matte finish along with a slim grip. There are a number of colors available, the one featured is Flex Pro Pink. It has an anti-slip finish to avoid any accidental drops from taking place. The flexible material doesn’t compromise the strength of the case that is capable of resisting scratches and shocks. The TPU makes it resistant to dust accumulation and yellowing. You can get one here

8. iPhone 6 Case by i-Blason8. iPhone 6 Case by i-Blason

This case will cost you $9.99 and comes in Space Gray (featured) along with other color options. It has an outer shell that has an anti-slip rubberized finish and a modern sleek look while a soft TPU cover on the inside. The case is lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble while sporting 4 bumper points at corners to provide that extra safety in case of an accident. The camera cutout is a bit bigger and reportedly helps in improving the image quality. You can get one here

7. iPhone 6 Case by Oeago7. iPhone 6 Case by Oeago

Here’s another case for you that comes with a screen protector, a stylus pen, sports wrist band and even 1 OEAGO cleaning cloth as well. The case is capable of protecting the iPhone 6 from shocks, bumps and scratches. It grants the user easy access to all the buttons. The case will cost you $9.99. You can get one here

6. JOTO iPhone 6 Case6. JOTO iPhone 6 Case

This bad boy comes with a premium armor hybrid bumper cover case that has a dual layer made up of a flexible TPU and a hard PC (polycarbonate). The cutouts are precise and don’t hinder the usage of buttons. The design is slim and sleek and imparts almost no weight to your new iPhone while protecting it. A myriad of colors are available. The case costs $9.99. You can get one here

5. Caseflex iPhone 6 Case5. Caseflex iPhone 6 Case

Here’s a transparent and hard back cover to protect your iPhone from any unprecedented damages. This one will cost you $8.49 and comes with a clear screen protector and a micro fiber cloth for polishing. The case imparts extra protection to your smartphone owing to the hardness of the case. You can get one here

4. Iphone 6 Case – WAWO4. Iphone 6 Case - WAWO

Luckily this one is up for $7.99 in sale and comes with a complete protection package thanks to the carbon fiber patch. This one also makes use of polycarbonate hard shell and the soft TPU shell. The raised edges around the screen also mean that our screen will be protected from any grazing. You can get one here

3. Towallmark(TM) iPhone 6 Case3. Towallmark(TM) iPhone 6 Case

This one will cost you $4.88 and shall protect your iPhone from scratches, dusts, bumps and fingerprints while also imparting protection from abrasion. It has been made from leather and is a perfect fit for the iPhone 6. The stitching gives a sense of perfection to the case. You can get one here

2. iPhone 6 case – INVELLOP2. iPhone 6 case - INVELLOP

Here’s another case that is slim and stylish and shall cost you only $9.95. The leather wallet case will make sure you look classy while moving around with your iPhone 6. A number of colors are available for this particular case. You can get one here

1. AUMI Hybrid High Impact Combo Case Cover for iphone1. AUMI Hybrid High Impact Combo Case Cover for iphone

This one will cost you $7.99 in sale. The case comes with precise cutouts and has been created from high quality plastic and silicone. The case imparts a customized look to your iPhone while giving it the protection that it requires. The case is available in a number of colors. You can get one here


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