Top 10 Cases for Huawei Honor 7i That Protect Your Phone And Make It Look Good

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (9)

Huawei Honor 7i is the latest installment in Huawei smartphone line. The phone has all the modern features with a 13MP camera, 3GB RAM and the latest version of the Android OS lollipop. The phone was released in August 2015 and judging by the sales early Huawei just might challenge Samsung and Apple in the future.

10. TopAce High-Quality Super Frosted Shield Shell (5$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (7)

A simple cover for the back side of the phone. There is not anything fancy about the case – it just does what is suppose to do i.e. “Protect your phone from wear & tear”.

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9. TopAce High-Quality PU Leather Case (6$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (8)

The same manufactuer as the last one but this one is different in design and application as it is a flip case .Made from high-quality leather this case is designed  especially for Huawei Honor 7i . The case provides accessibility to all of the phones features.

Available in multiple colors. Get one here.

8. Dolextech High Quality Super Scrub Shield shell (7$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (3)

Frosted shield hardness of  this case provides good protection against impact.  The case is made from UV injection technology hence it is unique in nature.

Available in multiple colors. Get one here.

7. Candywe Elegant Flip Leather Wallet Case (9$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (5)

The case is made from synthetic leather thus giving it a stylish look.  The wallet case can act as a kickstand as well , therefore allowing you to watch video/ movies easily.

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6. CarryBerry Case (3$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (6)

Carryberry has variety of cases on offer at . This case in particular is made from TPU material and also comes with side attachment (as shown in picture), therefore protecting your phone from wear and shear.

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5. Fincibo (TM) Case (6$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (1)

A polycarbonate case with an adorable design. The polycarbonate is hard as compared to TPU so it is better at resisting against scratches and falls. The case overall has a good build quality, something you would expect from a registered Trademark firm.

Available here.

4. Huawei Honor 7 Flip Case,QIALINO Slim Wallet Phone Case (32$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (9)

A superior quality leather case. Without doubt this case has more pockets than any of the previous wallet cases shown, extra space means more room for you to keep your stuff. The case is more durable than others because of its high-quality leather. Available in two colors.

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3. S-Coach Huawei (Honor 7i)  Diamond Folio Leather Case (11.63$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (4)

Flamboyance and Bling are the two words that come to mind when you look at this case. A case may be more fancied by women but this case offers pretty good protection against drops and scratches.

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2. Lankashi Pattern Design PU Leather Cover (11$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (11)

The case has very cute yet unique art featured on it. PU leather is one of the most common materials used in making wallet cases (like this one) as it is cheap and durable.  The case can also double as a kickstand.

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1. Obsidian Painting Hard Case Cover for Huawei Honor 7i (3$)

Best Huawei Honor 7i case (2)

For just 3$, this case has a stunning painting. Most Obsidian cases have mesmerizing art on the back and most all are made from polycarbonate material.

Available here.

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