These Are The 10 Best And Worst Passports For Traveling In 2017

A global citizenship and residence advisory firm “Henley & Partners” ranks all countries’ passports annually, taking into account how many countries you can visit with the passport without requiring a visa. The ranking placed Germany at the top; its passport holders can travel to 176 countries from a total of 218. Sweden takes the next spot at 175 countries, and Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, and United States make it to the third country allowing visa-free travel to 173 countries.

The 2015 ranking placed Britain at the top with Germany. But, as some countries dropped the visa restriction for Germany, it left the British passport behind, which now takes the fourth position, jointly with Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, and Singapore with access to 173 countries.

Top three positions for the worst passports for traveling are held by Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan with visa relaxation to less than 30 countries.

Below is the ranking for the top 10 best passports in 2017, along with the number of countries that allow visa free travel to the passport holders.

Top 10 Best Passports For Visa Free Travel

1. Germany

Score: 176

2. Sweden

Score: 175

3. Denmark, Finland, Italy, Spain, United States

Score: 174

4. Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, United Kingdom

Score: 173

5. Ireland, Japan, New Zealand

Score: 172

6. Canada, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland

Score: 171

7. Australia, South Korea

Score: 170

8. Iceland

Score: 169

9. Czech Republic

Score: 168

10. Hungary, Malta

Score: 167

Top 10 Worst Passports For Visa Free Travel

1. Afghanistan

Score: 24

2. Iraq

Score: 27

3. Pakistan

Score: 28

4. Syria

Score: 29

5. Somalia

Score: 30

6. Libya

Score: 33

7. Eritrea, Yemen

Score: 35

8. Nepal, Palestine, Sudan

Score: 36

9. Ethiopia, Kozovo, Lebanon, South sudan

Score: 37

10. Bangladesh, Iran, Sri Lanka

Score: 38

Where does your country lie? Share with us in the comments section below.

Source: Henley & Partners

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