Top 10 Best Budget Laptops & Netbooks 2015

10 Best Netbooks (6)

Netbook was a generic name coined in 2007 for light weight & budget laptops. As per price you can not expect them to be speed demon yet they offer a variety of features and are ideal for students & for people on the go. These laptops will also save you from data destruction thanks to their sturdy build quality. So here is our top 10 list for the best available laptop for the money in the market today.

10. Toshiba Satellite L50D-C-12X (653.73$)

10 Best Netbooks (1)

Since it is above 600$, we expected better features such as the display. But the laptop features a 1TB HDD with AMD Radeon R6 graphics which makes light gaming possible & not to forget 8GB RAM makes this a powerful budget laptop.

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9. Toshiba Satellite C55-C-175 (600.54$)

10 Best Netbooks (8)

The laptop has an Intel Core i5 installed which runs on 2.7GHz clock speed. Apart from the processor, it has a relatively dull display and a troublesome Wifi which will not impress many consumers.

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8. HP Chromebook 14 (393.77$)

10 Best Netbooks (5)

Chromebooks are made for surfing the internet. Systems running this OS  are very lightweight but lack any power. Same is the case with this laptop though it has over 7 hours of battery life with 16GB SSD. We think cheaper & better ChromeBooks are available.

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7. HP Stream 11 (272$)

10 Best Netbooks (6)

Since netbooks are all about low budget,  this laptop fits the bill perfectly. The system is powered by 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron N2830 processor and has a 4GB RAM. The laptop is also offered in many bold, bright colors & we highly recommend this machine for use in dorms & schools.

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6. Dell Chromebook 11 (363$)

10 Best Netbooks (3)

The system is powered by 1.4GHz Intel Celeron 2955U dual-core processor with a 4GB RAM & 16GB SSD. As a bonus it has two USB 3.0 ports which enables you to transfer data much faster. If your vision for a laptop is in line with Google than this might be a good buy.

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5. Toshiba Chromebook 2 (409$)

10 Best Netbooks (7)

This laptop is powered by Intel® Celeron® processor and has a 16GB memory plus 100GB free memory via Google drive. So if you are happy to have all your data stored in the cloud, then you can go for this model. The device is light, fast, and that screen is worth the money alone.

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4. Asus Chromebook Flip (219$)

10 Best Netbooks (12)

The best Chromebook in the market today. The netbook is extremely light and has wonderful aesthetics thanks to its all metal design. The laptop is powered by 1.8GHz Rockchip 3288-C & with a 2GB RAM it is a very handy machine.

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3. ACER Aspire 10E (375$)

10 Best Netbooks (21)

One of the best budget 2 in 1 laptops. The system is powered by 1.33Ghz Intel Atom & has a 2GB RAM. Surprisingly, the notebook has 500GB HDD in the keyboard offering you ample space. Perhaps the only downside to the system is that it lacks USB 3.0, and the processor could have been better.

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2. Dell Vostro 15 3000 (673$)

10 Best Netbooks (4)

The device has a 2.2GHz Intel Core i5-5200U installed which gives it considerable power. The device has USB 3.0 slot along with two other for USB 2.0. With a 4GB RAM, it is surely a powerful machine with its Achilles’s heel being the display.

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1. Asus X555LA-XX290H (450$)

10 Best Netbooks (22)

The best Netbook out there both regarding value for money and performance. It is powered by 1.9GHz Intel Core i3-4030U and features 2 USB 3.0 ports. Though the machine will not impress anyone with aesthetics but we highly recommend this machine to anyone looking to buy on a strict budget.

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