Top 10 Awesome Innovations Made With 3D Printing

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3D printing or layer-by-layer manufacturing has helped many people convert their crazy designs and machines into reality since they don’t require specialized machinery and long manufacturing chains to build. In early days of the technology, the designs were limited by the materials and other limitations of the technology, but in recent years, it has taken significant strides towards being a mainstream manufacturing technology. Although the lead times are still quite long, the use of 3D printing as a prototyping and modeling practice has gained widespread application.

The products that I am going to show you here were realized through this emerging technology.

10. Quadcopters

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Modular designs of Quadcopters are becoming popular due to 3-D technology. It is being used to produce the four-engine drones for a variety of purposes from police drones to toys.

9. Weapons

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One of the more controversial applications of this additive manufacturing process is weapons. Anybody can make a weapon out of it if he can get hold of the designs and materials. It is becoming so popular that government security agencies have voiced concerns over their unchecked use. Nevertheless, the weapons made from 3-D printing are no less than awesome.

8. Organs

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Layers and layers of human tissue can be deposited to create whole organs for a human being. The most remarkable example of this technology is the case of Mina Khan. She is a two-year-old suffering from a heart condition that made big holes in her pumping organ. Dr. Tariq Hussein used her heart tissue to mend these holes using 3D technology. She now lives a healthy life thanks to this amazing tech.

7. Cameras

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For people who cannot afford Digital SLR cameras, 3D printing can be used to make an inexpensive plastic camera. However, it will require film and rare lens to operate.

6. Manufacturing in Space

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Previously astronauts had to rely completely on supplies from Earth including all the engineering parts and models. With 3D printing approach, they can now model any part with ease with just a hunk of thermoplastics necessary for it now!

5. Food

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3D printing is also being used to produce meat and other food items. But would you prefer 3D printed meat over the natural one?

4. Vehicles

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There have been numerous instances of vehicles being manufactured with the help of 3D printing. A 3D printed car has been made within 45 hours by local motors. The car could reach a top speed of 80 Km/h. Could 3D printing be the future of automotive production?

3. Fetus

3-D printing designs4

When a couple is expecting a baby, and they want to see what it looks like at that moment, 3D printing technology can be used to make an accurate plastic model. Now that’s something, huh?

2. Homes

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3D printing and 3D assembling technology is being used by builders to demonstrate the swift nature of 3D printing. Take the example of such a house when a Chinese company can build a house within three hours in front of onlookers. This approach could revolutionize the housing industry. Special adhesives and other chemicals are used to make this possible.

1. Fashion design and Decoration

3-D printing designs

3-D printing designs2

Intricate fashion designs created on the computer can easily be converted into modelled physical versions with the aid of 3D printing. Usually it would take a lot of artistry and skill to make them but a computer and a 3D printer can do things much faster, thus meeting the demands of this dynamic industry.

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