Tired Of Facebook Notifications? Facebook Launches Snooze Button To Stop Annoying Notifications

snooze button

Facebook is that social media platform where we have added almost everyone who we encounter in our daily life. Be it our friends, siblings, parents, sweeper, milkman or even our tailor. There are times when an awkward situation arises and we accept friend requests from people whom we never want to see in our friend-list ever. One of the reasons we don’t want to see them or their post are those unpopular-unfamous-annoying opinions of theirs that they keep sharing all the time. Thankfully, Facebook has now solved this problem by introducing the Snooze Button.

snooze button

When we get annoyed by those opinions or shared stuff by people, that is least likely approved by us, we either unfollow or unfriend that person. Unfollowing is a great option. It, in fact, comes as a blessing when you cannot unfriend a person for any reason. A simple unfollow will get them out of our sight, our mind and eventually out of our life as well. As you forget our annoying friend, so when you see them next time in a gathering and they ask about something they shared on Facebook, you are absolutely clueless about what happened and when it happened.

snooze button

Facebook understands this and many such similar scenarios, keeping in view the awkwardness people have to face they have decided to introduce a snooze button. It will help you mute your annoying friends, pages, and group for a 30 days period. After the period is over, Facebook will ask for a feedback and you can again put them to snooze if you want to or can have them back in your newsfeed.

Not only users but the snooze button will also help the Facebook pages and groups to maintain their user base and gives them a chance to improve themselves and win their users back anytime.

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