This Tiny Tank Keeps The Construction On Track By Constantly Monitoring It


In the large construction projects, there is a huge chance of making mistakes. Even the small mistakes can cause huge delays and many other problems as well. In order to avoid these, it is important to identify those mistakes as early as possible. To present a solution to these problems, a new startup called Doxel has created a robot. They have combined artificial intelligence, robotics and LIDAR to scan the construction sites and point out problems.

Doxel uses a combination of aerial drones and ground robots. They are equipped with HD cameras. LIDAR can also see through the walls to comb every inch of a construction site each day. The data obtained is analyzed by an AI and is compared to the plans, blueprints, and schedules to see if everything is going smoothly or not. In case something has been built or installed wrong, or if the work is not meeting the schedule, the AI detects it and highlights it.

Saurabh Ladha, the CEO of Doxel, is hoping that this technology can be used to save the time and money during the construction of large projects. The large projects are often subject to overruns, however, using this tech, a project of any size can be kept on track.

This technology can definitely help construction companies achieve better productivity and avoid over-runs!

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