Time for A Career Change? Check Out These Industries

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If you’re a bit done with your current job and want a job that excites you or pays better than what you currently earn, it’s time to take a look at the job opportunities on the market. There are certain industries that have great-paying jobs that seem a bit hard to get into. In this article, we talk about some lesser-known industries where you can make decent money – and you don’t always need to learn tons of new skills! 

Learn to code

Everyone knows “IT people” can make decent money. After all, we’re living in the digital age! Not only do the tech giants need software developers, smaller businesses also need IT professionals to help  them build a site or take care of a webshop. If you’re not sure whether coding and IT is something for you, you can try out one of the many online courses about IT. Some basic ones are even free. We recommend you to check out Coursera, for example. If these courses spark your interest, there are tons of tech traineeships you can apply for. In about one to two years, you can often totally change your career and start making good money in the IT world. 

Make money working offshore

If you’re not too big on studying, but don’t mind hard work, the offshore industry might be something for you. Many people don’t even know this industry exists – but it’s the industry that makes sure you have gas when you fill up the tank of your car! Working offshore can be quite dangerous and workers work in shifts of two or three weeks, after which they usually have the same amount of time off. And they’re paid really well for it! If you’re okay with working hard and not seeing your friends and family for periods of time, take a look at offshore jobs! Oil and gas companies are almost always looking for derrickmen and drillers. To be able to work on an oil rig, you do need to pass certain tests that show you are able to work safely – the same way certain factory jobs require workers to obtain an OSHA certification. 

If you work on a ship, that’s also considered working offshore. In shipping, there’s also good money to be made. Just like in the oil industry, you need a certification to be able to work, in this case a STCW certification. 

Start consulting with your knowledge

Do you still like your career, but are you done working for bosses? Then consulting might be something you’d like to do. For instance, if you’re a marketeer and you’re not paid all that well, you can check out if there are any marketing consultancy job openings in your area. Often, you don’t really have to do the manual work yourself anymore, but you can still make a good living telling other people what needs to be done. Handy! 

Good luck in finding a new job or a new career! 

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