TikToker Reveals How They Fully Insulated Their Home For Under $20

In a recent viral video, TikToker Shay, also known by the handle @shay creates, presented a unique winter hack.

Shay uses Frost King plastic window insulation kits in the video to actually demonstrate how his family “gets ready for hibernation.” The product is very cost-effective, coming in at around $15 for a box of nine.

In the video, the family can be seen installing the Frost King kit on their kitchen windows. The area is first prepared before installing the plastic sheets and gluing the window linings. Next, they use a hair drier to smooth out any wrinkles in the plastic before finishing.

According to TikToker, the installation took little more than 15 minutes and it is quite user-friendly.

Shay also said that by using a hair dryer, wrinkles in the plastic could sometimes be easily eliminated.


Moreover, Shay said that the product was suitable for renters as well.

“Yes! Just be careful to not pull the paint off with the tape ? a hairdryer will loosen the tape glue, and that will help when it’s time to remove it,” Shay replied.

This plastic window insulation may hold the secret to a comfortable, affordable winter and a chance to lower your utility bills.

“You definitely need this,” Shay remarked at the end of this video.

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