Thync Is A New Wearable Device That Change Your Mood According To Your Wish

Thync mood changing2

The world of odd wearable designs is experiencing a surge in recent days. We have seen wearables that detect cancer and other ones that allow better understanding of a cat’s mind. This futuristic oddball moves one step further to crazy-awesome levels as it can detect your mood and help you change it, according to your wish. The American company Thync is behind this project, and they say its working is based on ultrasonic and electronic impulses to control the functions of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

Thync mood changing

The gadget doesn’t appear to be much as it is just a triangular that is placed on one side of the forehead with supports from the ear on that side. A neural signalling algorithm sends electric waves directly to the brain. These waves activate particular parts of the brain that are known to control the moods like being calm or feeling energetic as both are necessary for a time when a person feels he is short of both. These signals are sent by ultrasonic waves that directly interact with the brain’s nerve cells. All the mood can be controlled with the help of a mod app that is currently being offered only on iOS.

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According to the company, the device can make you feel what you want to for several hours based on just a few minutes of usage. This stimulation of brain moods may also become the subject of conspiracy theories in which the public’s mood is being controlled by the government to create loads of obedient workers. Conspiracy or not, this device can help you shape your brain as you want to. It is being offered for 299 $ a piece currently with ten calm straps and ten energy straps that guarantee mood handling for several hours. Let us hope we see more of these devices around us, especially on Mondays. A dosage of calm and energy will make it much easier to bear!

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