This Zero-Carbon Superyacht Comes With Its Own Solar Power Garden

If you ever feel like you need to do gardening in the middle of the ocean, then this superyacht is the perfect design for you.

3deluxe, a multidisciplinary design company has revealed a new zero-carbon superyacht concept that aims to bring the latest sustainable energy developments into a single package of luxury in the form of the new and sleek superyacht. The company also hopes that the buyers will understand the sustainable philosophy of the ship’s design and use it for ethical education.

The new design called “VY-01” emphasizes a nature-first engineering strategy by maximizing open, light-intensive spaces to make room for a greenhouse, kitchen, bar, lounge, living space and of course, a vegetable garden to give the complete green ambiance. This will allow crew members to grow and cultivate food onboard and have fresh vegetables available on the journey. The superyacht also has a seawater desalination system which uses zero-carbon solar panels placed on the roof and exterior of the vessel, making it sustainable and energy-efficient all around.

The exterior of the vessel is designed in a homogenous, closed shape which provides minimum resistance from wind and harsh weather. It also has louvers that are controlled via sensors so that a computer system can regulate the upper deck’s exposure to light. The flat roof is also glazed, allowing sunlight to pass inside the vessel and power lights, a desalination system, and air-conditioning.

Another cool feature of the boat is its ability to close the sidewalls during speedy navigation or a thunderstorm, allowing full closure and safety. The stern of the ship features a saltwater pool along with a small marina, where the crew can enjoy direct access to the open ocean. The ship’s designers hope that people that buy this luxury will make it a center for educational purposes on the importance of sustainable energy. This sounds a bit ambitious because anyone buying a superyacht would probably want to use it for partying and relaxation purposes but it’s a good thought nonetheless.

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