This YouTuber Is Being Accused Of Deliberately Crashing A Plane For Views

Many dangerous stunts can be seen on YouTube almost every day, but recently a hazardous act performed by a YouTuber has caught everyone’s attention. It dated back to November 24, 2021, when a YouTuber named Trevor Jacob uploaded a video on his YouTube channel with the headline “I crashed my plane.” This has left the viewers thunderstruck as this stunt was one of its kind and had never happened before. It was a small propeller airplane, and his journey was scheduled from Santa Barbara’s Lompoc City Airport to Mammoth Lakes. During the flight, it was discovered that there was a fault in the engine and it stopped working, leaving the plane on glide. Thus, without taking any alternative actions, he rushed for his parachute and jumped off the plane.

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It has been revealed that Jacob has attached some cameras to the outer surface of the plane. This clearly shows that he intended to film the whole scene. As soon as the plane crashed in the bushes, Jacob rushed towards his plane despite his uneven breathing pattern and dripping with sweat. He collected the cameras from the plane to add shots from them to his Youtube video. As soon as he uploaded the video, it garnered 2 million views in a matter of just a few hours. But this has also caught the attention of regulatory bodies on the subject matter, i.e., the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board).

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Safety is the first and foremost concern in the aviation industry, and what happened here has triggered the whole aviation community. Many aviation experts are of the opinion that why Jacob didn’t contact the ATC tower or try to restart the engine, as these are the standard procedures listed in the pilot’s handbook in the case of engine failure. Based on these pressing concerns, the regulatory bodies have already taken action and suspended Jacob’s pilot license and banned him from getting it again for one year. Investigations have also been started and it will take almost one year to collect all the pieces of evidence and then publish a crash investigation report. The FAA wrote a letter to Jacob, in response to the incident, which says, “On November 24, 2021, you displayed a lack of care, judgment, and duty by deciding to jump out of an airplane simply to film the footage of the disaster.”

Let’s see how far this series could go and what steps Jacob would take to handle this case against him.

YouTuber and Olympian Trevor Jacob accused of crashing plane 'for views' -  NZ Herald

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