This YouTuber Explains Why Being Invisible Is A Terrible Thing

why being invisible is not a blessing

Invisibility is among those superpowers which show up in nearly every science fiction. Recently, a team of researchers also developed a material which bends light in such a way that it starts functioning like an invisibility cloak. The development was revealed with a lot of excitement. The scientists on the project, Chad A. Mirkin from the Mirkin Research Group at Northwestern University said, “We can make structures that nobody’s ever even conceived of before; this is a true man-over-nature event.”

A self-proclaimed science nerd claims that this super capability of being invisible might be a very terrible thing to happen to a person. He used real-world math and science facts to prove his point of view. The YouTuber and science lover Kyle Hill explained in his video why invisibility should be feared and not fantasized. He says that the superpower can have devastating consequences like making a person blind.

Hill explored various concepts of invisibility, and all of these carried their own set of gigantic problems including some weather-related complications as well. There is also an issue that you cannot wear any clothes. Watch this video to learn how great it is to be a human and not invisible to anyone around.


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