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This Youtuber Drop Tested Every iPhone Model. The End Result Is Shocking

Apple has managed to sell over 10 million models of the latest iPhones and reviews have been great! A Ukranian gadget tester Taras Makismuk decided to perform a drop test on iPhones starting from iPhone 2G and up to the very latest model that is iPhone 6 Plus.

Only one phone was capable of surviving the falls and that phone was introduced in the market about 5 years ago on 8th June, 2009 by Apple; iPhone 3GS and the production line was ceased in September 2012. Every other iPhone ended up with a shattered screen; the screens do work, but it is quite hard to see what’s on them. This is pretty shocking since iPhone 3GS is a very old model and we would expect the new iPhone 6 to be the most resilient with all the company experience going in the new iPhone.

The video shows the test being carried out and well; the bigger they are, the harder they fall seem to describe the scenario quite perfectly.