This YouTuber Cut Up A Tesla Model S To Build An Astonishingly Quick Cyber Kart

EVs (electric vehicles) have taken the automotive world by storm, and there’s no doubt about the allure of their blistering acceleration and impressive torque. Kyle Wade, widely known as BoostedBoiz on YouTube, is a passionate car enthusiast who couldn’t resist the temptation of harnessing the power of a wrecked Tesla Model S Plaid. He acquired the damaged super sedan from Copart for $60,000, a considerable bargain compared to its original price of $108,490.

Instead of restoring the Tesla to its former glory, Wade embarked on an ambitious project to transform it into a stripped-down exocet—a lean, mean drag racing machine capable of obliterating the competition. The vehicle had sustained a rear-end collision, but its overall condition remained favorable due to the stringent repair costs associated with EVs.

To bring his vision to life, Kyle acquired another Model S shell to serve as a parts donor. He carefully removed the rear end from the second vehicle and skillfully fixed it onto the crashed Plaid, resurrecting the formidable powerhouse.

The Model S Plaid boasts an astonishing 1,020 horsepower and can achieve a jaw-dropping 0 to 60 mph in just 1.99 seconds. Although real-world conditions limited Wade to a still-impressive 2.31 seconds, he wasn’t content with settling for “fast enough.” Seeking even greater speed, he decided to shed weight from the vehicle.

After stripping the doors and interior, the car lost 700 pounds, bringing its weight down to approximately 4,040 pounds. However, this reduction in mass adversely affected traction, resulting in a slower zero-to-60 time of 2.35 seconds. Undeterred, Wade decided to go further and wielded a sawzall to slice off additional weight.

Surprisingly, the extreme modifications didn’t lead to a significant weight reduction. The removal of the glass roof, rear windows, rear quarter panels, steel B pillars, and the rest of the aluminum body only shaved off another 190 pounds, bringing the total weight down to 3,850 pounds—still quite substantial for a “cyber kart.”

Finally, after four days of hard work and the addition of a structural cage, the Cyber Kart was complete. It weighed an impressive 895 pounds less than the factory Model S Plaid. The track awaited, and the results were nothing short of astounding.

The Cyber Kart blazed through the quarter-mile in just 8.83 seconds at a staggering 149.43 mph. It also achieved a mind-boggling zero-to-60 time of 1.87 seconds, putting it on par with the $2.5-million Rimac Nevera, despite having roughly half the horsepower.

Kyle Wade’s incredible project showcases the limitless possibilities of EV customization. It’s not just about building an exocar; it’s about pushing the boundaries and defying expectations with an electric powerhouse. As EV adoption continues to grow, more impressive feats like this are bound to emerge, revolutionizing the automotive world as we know it. And for Wade, the coolest part was achieving this feat with the iconic Tesla Model S Plaid, making it an even more awe-inspiring accomplishment.

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