This YouTuber Built A Functioning Hovercraft From Duct Tape And Foam


In the video shared above, YouTuber ProjectAir (Channel name) has built a device that is an electric hoverboard, using only wood, foam, and duct tape.

He began by engineering a small remote-controlled version to see how it works. He added a motor and some routers in the prototype as well.

This model has managed to hover exceptionally well over dry land and even over water. This enables and encourages the YouTuber to move ahead with his plan of making an electric hoverboard he can actually fly himself.

He had one condition for his aircraft which was that he wanted it to be small enough to fit in his studio and through his door to go outside. He proceeded to build exactly such a model using some motors he had.

Quite surprisingly, they worked! Then the YouTuber worked to develop the rest of the hoverboard using simple materials that can easily be accessed by anyone.


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