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This Year’s Hottest Halloween Costume Is A Smoking Galaxy Note7 Dress


Man dresses up as covered in Galaxy Note 7 phones.

It seems as though Samsung phones are now destined to be mocked and ridiculed after a season of embarrassing performance. After Note 7 literally crashing and burning into ashes and smoke, Samsung finally decided to kill the phone for good and has requested all its buyers to return the models in exchange of a replacement and $100 credit. But it seems as though some people will still not let Samsung off the hook, as a man has now created the best Halloween costume at the expense of shaming Samsung.

Pic Credits: abc news

Chris Kiley was “inspired” by the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and created an ingenious and darkly humorous costume showing blown up Samsung Note 7 boxes pasted on his body. He revealed the creation via his Facebook page, and since then it has caught fire!

Kiley uses a tube system under his shirt to blows smoke through the six Note 7 boxes strapped to his chest. The boxes obviously would be easily available after the nationwide recalls, although he would be well advised not to visit any airports this Halloween.