This Wristband Sends An SOS Message To Your Loved Ones In Case Of Emergency


Safety and protection is something that everyone wants for themselves and their loved ones. There are a number of applications available that allow the user to send out an SOS message to their emergency contacts in case of an emergency. But for most of these apps, one has to take out their cellphone and perform some sort of action. Whereas in such situations, there’s usually no time for that.spotNsave4

Keeping this scenario in view, an Indian engineer Chirag Jigtiani designed a bracelet that features an SOS button, which upon pressing can send out an alert to their five emergency contacts. This bracelet links itself to the user’s smartphone using Bluetooth. It comes with a free application that when installed, asks the user for their five alert numbers.spotNsave2

According to Mr.Jigtiani, this device ensures that anyone who thinks they are being watched or followed can discreetly call for help. The bracelet sends out a message through the user’s phone. This has the location of the user that is updated every two minutes on the Google maps.

According to what Mr.Jigtiani said; ‘Many times, when faced with personal threat, it becomes almost impossible to take the smartphone out from your pocket or handbag, unlock it, and send out an emergency message. In such situations, the spotNsave wristband could make all the difference in broadcasting that crucial SMS with your location data to loved ones.’spotNsave5

To call for help, a user simply has to press the SOS button on the bracelet twice in quick succession and the alert is sent out to their five emergency contacts. Mr. Jigtiani came up with the idea when one of his close friends was kidnapped and tortured, in a case of mistaken identity. He told the Wall Street Journal. ‘That incident instilled ideas in my mind as to what we could do to save someone or how someone could send out their location in an emergency,’ he said. The call for help can also be sent out through the linked power button on the smart phone or through the application as well.spotNsave

Mr. Jigtiani says that his target audience is women, elder citizens and people that are visually disabled. And he said that the bracelets have been in demand among the middle class people in developing countries. The price tag on this device is $45 (£27), that includes shipping as well. There is also a pendant version available from the spotNsave website. According to Mr. Jigtiani, he succeeded in selling 880 of these bracelets in two months. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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