This World’s First Energy Storage Unit Has Demonstrated Zero Degradation Over 5 Years

The world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicle batteries, CATL, a Chinese conglomerate, has revealed TENER, a ground-breaking energy storage technology. This invention, which represents a significant advancement in rechargeable battery technology, promises 0% degradation throughout the first five years of use.

Typically, lithium-ion batteries—which are widely used in EVs and smartphones—degrade with time. This implies that you will have to charge them more often. This problem is intended to be resolved for the first five years of use with CATL’s TENER.

TENER is a massive battery unit used to store energy from renewable sources like solar and wind, much like Tesla’s Megapack. It has a 30% higher energy density than earlier versions, which means that existing power plants may store more energy or have a lower footprint for new installations.

The secret behind TENER’s longevity lies in its innovative design. It utilizes a “biomimetic” layer at the electrode and “self-assembled electrolyte technologies” to ensure smooth lithium ion flow while minimizing power or capacity loss. This also helps prevent thermal runaway, a safety concern with some batteries.

Beyond its initial five-year promise, TENER boasts an impressive lifespan. Each unit can handle over 15,000 charge/discharge cycles and is expected to operate for 20 years. Additionally, CATL has developed an AI-powered platform to continuously monitor TENER units after deployment, ensuring safety across different power grid setups.

CATL is a seasoned player in the energy storage game, with prior involvement in large-scale wind and solar projects worldwide. While pricing details for TENER remain undisclosed, CATL’s focus is clear: dominating the global energy storage market with longer-lasting, more efficient technology.

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  1. Jeff Green Reply

    What will the damage be after it’s done how much pollution? Will any of it be recyclable?

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