This Woman’s Constipation Made Her Whole Family Millionaires

Constipation can sometimes come with unexpected advantages. For a woman in Utah, her constipation woes actually became a blessing in disguise.

Judy Edwards had been living with constipation problems for a long time. A few years ago, her doctor recommended her to use a footstool while sitting on the toilet so as to aid her in passing stool. Surprisingly, it worked so well she also got her husband to use the same. Both Judy and her husband Bill found that a simple tool actually made a whole lot of difference.

Luckily for them, their son Bobby learned of the same and decided to make a business out of it. He used the simple tool and build on it to make it the perfect fit for people struggling with constipation. He made it more ergonomic and shaped it so as to fit easily around the toilet bowl in a space-efficient way. He gave his design quite an interesting name, the “Squatty Potty”.

“There was nothing out there on the market that we could find to help us solve the problem. So we made it,” the told CNBC.

While initially starting off as a present from the family to other friends, the idea took off when everybody raved about how much of a difference it made in their lives. This is when Bobby realized that his business idea had a lot of potential.

Bobby and his family initially pooled up $35,000 to start manufacturing Squatty Potty stools and set up a website. They started making the stools out of plastic in contrast to the wooden prototypes which brought down the cost per piece.
Starting off in 2011, $17,000 worth of Squatty Potty stools were sold in a single year. In 2016, annual sales had climbed up to a spectacular $16 million.
Their biggest lift came when they got featured on Shark Tank which generated $1 million in sales within 24 hours after being featured.
Squatty Potty has a cleverly designed and hilarious marketing campaign featuring unicorns. Their videos can be watched on their youtube channel.

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