This Woman Pours Water On Her Propane Tank After Every BBQ. The Reason Will Amaze You

propane tank

So when the days are sunny, and the Fahrenheit is ideal, we all like to pick up our grills and have fun outdoors and just to be clear, fun is barbecuing marshmallows, ribs, corn and basically anything worth grilling we can find. Since many parts of the world can’t always get the ideal weather that we all crave so we tend to go overboard and use the propane tank to its limit before we find out that its empty.
Since good-old propane tanks have no accurate means of showing their fuel content, it is all basically guess work from previous overtures and that can get pretty inaccurate and problematic. You will be left with an empty tank cursing your luck so here is an incredibly simple trick that you can do every time to make sure that you won’t have to face an empty tank again!

propane tank2

So you just have to boil a pitcher of water and pour it all over the tank. The tank is full of compressed, cool gas and since the walls of the cylinder aren’t entirely heat transfer free, the heat can pass through the hot water to the propane inside, if there is a significant amount of it. So, basically after pouring the water, feel the surface of the tank and if it is as hot as before, it means the gas inside is insufficient, and you would need to refill it from the nearest station. But if the hot water gets cooled, down very quickly, then it means there is a lot of gas inside and such that it is absorbing the heat from the outside, and you don’t need to refill it for now!

So, remember this simple, amazing trick to always have your Propane tanks full in the perfect weather and barbecue away! Check out the video below for the complete trick:


  1. steve Reply

    every tank has a weight printed on it so they can put the right amount of gas in it if you weigh the tank you can find out exactly how much gas is left in the tank each L weighs 510 grams

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