This Woman Makes A Living By Selling Videos Of Her Toenails

Arinda Storm Weaver Is Making A Living Selling Videos Of Her Toenails

Meet Arinda Storm Weaver – one of the long nail beauties that don’t have to worry about trimming their toenails when they become uncomfortable. Arinda’s nails are objects of desire for thousands of people all over the world and also serve as a source of income.

Arinda Storm Weaver is a 58 year old woman from Ohio. She used to work as an account manager at a manufacturing plant but she accidentally stumbled upon the world of LNBs (long nail beauties) some 14 years ago. She hasn’t looked back ever since. Arinda Storm Weaver was blogging about her battle of breast cancer in 2006 when she realized that many of her readers were focused on her long fingernails.

Arinda had always taken care of her fingernails but never realized that there was a proper community comprising of long nail enthusiasts who were willing to pay for the chance of admiring them freely. She ended up quitting her job in 2008 and has been making a living selling videos of her six-inch-long toenails since then. Her fans are willing to pay $14.39 for a short clip where she can be seen doing all kinds of stuff with her toenails and some are even willing to pay a premium for one-to-one video calls that are focused on her toenails.

Arinda Storm Weaver said, ‘I opted to start growing them for the toenail guys. I had already been in the nail community and I discovered I could make money from having long toenails. So, I just let them grow. My toenails are rarer thus making them more popular than the fingernails.’ She obviously has to narrow down her shoe choice because of the long toenails. She has stopped driving and wearing anything that has buttons since her fingernails are quite long too.

You can check out her Instagram where she regularly posts pictures of her fingernails and toenails. What do you think about long nail beauties?

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