This Woman Has Turned Her Tesla Model 3 Into A Rolling Kitchen

In the automotive world, where innovation often revolves around speed, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, Californian Alyssa Lauren Manaig has taken an unexpected turn. She has transformed her Tesla Model 3 into a mobile kitchen, showcasing her culinary skills through a series of viral videos on Instagram.

The journey began when Manaig, possibly armed with a promotional 2-in-1 electric hot pot and grill, decided to turn her car into a Muskmobile cooking haven. Her first video, featuring a seafood boil, quickly gained traction, amassing 8.8 million views and counting. The unconventional kitchen-on-wheels concept has sparked both admiration and curiosity among viewers.

In her videos, Manaig fearlessly maneuvers her car’s white interior, earning praise from followers who commend her bravery. She masterfully boils potatoes, chops garlic, and grills head-on shrimp, creating a full seafood feast from the confines of her Tesla’s front seat.

The Muskmobile cooking series didn’t stop at seafood; Manaig expanded her repertoire to include Korean corn dogs, fried chicken, and even Cheetos-encrusted chicken wings. The aroma inside her car, a fusion of diverse cuisines, is reminiscent of a bustling fast-food joint.

With ingenuity, Manaig navigates the challenges of preparing meals in a moving vehicle. From handling raw chicken on plastic wrap-covered cutting boards to smashing Cheetos in resealable bags, she miraculously stays clean amidst potential chaos. However, the lingering question remains: Does she unknowingly spread raw chicken bacteria on her door handles, or is there a faint orange dust settled within the vents? The “why” behind this unique culinary venture prompts numerous inquiries.

In the midst of it all, Manaig humorously acknowledges the unconventional nature of her endeavor, writing to Elon Musk, “Elon baby, we’ve come a long way.” As her followers continue to say “bon appétit” to her car-cooked creations, Alyssa Lauren Manaig has undeniably carved a niche in the world of automotive innovation – a blend of cutting-edge electric vehicles and the timeless joy of a home-cooked meal.

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