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This Woman Creates Realistic Graphic Cakes That Will Freak You Out

This one is for Dexter series fans. A woman named Catherine Day is making cakes that will simply take your appetite away. It is actually a good way to control yourself and keep your hands in your pockets once in a while. To get an idea what I am talking about, take a look at these incredibly detailed, yet eerie cakes from this innovative mind:

So, it looks like an ordinary pigeon, but when you behead it, you find out that the texture inside the cake is also remarkably similar to what you might find inside a real pigeon. The meat is quite visible and looks yummy, no?

Another one of her cakes here is a honeycomb shaped one complete with tiny bees on top.

I wouldn’t mind eating this one I guess. But only after I have picked away all the bees from the top.

Katherine was courted by Buzzfeed regarding her articulate cakes, and she was simply of the opinion that she loved anatomy, nature’s work, and even portraiture. She shows her love with the creation of these cakes and then eats them up. Sweet!

Here is a portrait of her father made from cake.

Now this is getting out of hand. Lampreys are blood sucking fishes and quite disgusting to look at for normal people. But she had to make it:

This might be too revolting to eat.

But here is the best piece from her! A heart complete with thick blood vessels protruding from the top and coronary arteries providing blood to the organ itself. The rich color scheme of the heart is also religiously followed, and when you cut it, a blood-colored jam awaits your eyes. It is just like stabbing a real one after getting it out of a person’s chest. Surely, who would want to eat that?

[Image Credits: Katherine Dey Art]