10 Awesome Cakes That Are A Dream For Any Architects And Civil Engineers

architectural cakes

Baking a cake is hard enough. But add the intricacies of turning it into architectural monuments and structures, and it’s a game best left to the pros! The ten cakes featured below are nothing short of a mesmerizing mating of art, architecture, and baking! When an architect makes desserts, it’s a great spectacle indeed!



Ukranian pastry chef Dinara Kasko is making all the headlines as this connoisseur of cakes has taken the art of baking to a whole new level. She combines her extraordinary cooking skills with geometric figures and turns every delicious cake into an amazing structural replica!


Dinara Kasko was a qualified architect but moved out of the construction industry to pursue her true love of baking and cooking. She builds all these elaborate cakes with the help of a 3D printer.


The Canadian Place commissioned the cake above to Bobbette & Belle bakery instructing them to build a cake replica of their Toronto tower. The results are nothing short of spectacular.


Another cake maker extraordinaire Ron Ben-Israel uses all sciences like chemistry, architecture, art, and transportation to make extremely versatile and unique cakes.


Claire Kemp is another architecture professional who came into the cake baking business, with stellar results too!

Source: mywedding

The cake above was a present to a civil engineering couple at their wedding by the Ambrosia Bakery. The cake had the traditional merriment look from one side but was a perfect work of engineering from the other.

Source: jasmineraecakes

Nope that’s not a marble block, but rather an architecturally structured wedding cake made by jasmineraecakes.

Source: Pinterest

The cubic wedding cake above is created by Gateaux Inc. in Minneapolis, MN! Who would dare to cut this up!

Source: Kia Utzon-Frank

A goldsmith by training, London-based Danish designer Kia Utzon-Frank has gone from designing jewelry to sculptures cum cakes. The cake above consists of sponge and fruit ganache topped off with with a layer of marzipan created using a top-tier icing printer.

Utzon-Frank talks about her creations,

“Cake is just another material,” she says. “I’m interested in transitions, transformation and triggering curiosity.”

Source: mymodernmet

The last but not the least, the 21-year-old architect and dessert enthusiast Marie Troïtskaia already has an impressive portfolio of tasty treats. Again, a designer cum baker, her work is one-of-a-kind art inspired by buildings, shapes, and sculptures.


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