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This Wedding Dress Made Of Cement Bags Is Goals

Wedding Dresses are worth quite a dime.But they don’t always have to be so heavy on the pocket as a Chinese lady recently showed.

She made an absolutely gorgeous and unique wedding dress out of the most unexpected of things-Cement bags!

Collecting around forty discarded cement bags to create the elaborate dress below, this woman proved you don’t always need a lot of money to look perfect.The cement in the bags had been used to renovate her village house near Longnan city, in China’s Gangsu province.

Lily Tan’s Cement bag wedding dress
Photo: Weibo/Pear Video


28-year-old Lili Tan does not hold any fancy degree in dress designing nor has a job as a dress designer.She spends her day working in the fields and made this beautiful dress on a rainy day when she couldn’t work in the fields.

She designed the wedding dress with a tail end like those long wedding gowns in magazines and then put up a video on social media about it which went viral instantly garnering over a million views.


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