14 Interesting And Useful Things You Can Make With Cement At Home


We always try our best to bring you the stuff that you can make use of in your everyday life. For instance; we recently brought to you  14 cool uses of vinegar and 15 uses of toothpaste. Today we are here with 14 DIY cement/concrete ideas that you can pull off in your home.

14. Vases14. Vases

13. Coasters/Ash Trays13. Coasters ash Trays

12. Egg holders12. Egg holders

11. Cement bowls11. Cement bowls

10. Cement candle votives10. Cement candle votives

9. A Cement Bedside lamp 9. A Cement Bedside lamp

8. iPad holder8. iPad holder

7. Cement/Concrete house number paver7. Cement house number paver

6. Ring/jewelry holder6. Ring holder

5. Geometric paper weights5. Geometric paper weights

4. Concrete fire bowls2. Concrete fire bowls

3. Gold-leaf cement planters3. Gold-leaf cement planters

2. Concrete bookends2. Concrete bookends

1. DIY Concrete Clock1. DIY Concrete Clock


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