This Weather App Will Now Tell You When It Is Hot Enough To Kill You

Our earth is already undergoing an appalling level and intensity of global warming. The weather apps and updates inform us of rising temperatures and extreme weather conditions every day. Moreover, recent changes in the atmosphere have led to increasing and incessant rainfalls that are causing abundant floods. All these updates are seen every day on our weather applications and bring us distress. Obviously, it is a source of information, and one must be informed about the surroundings and the atmosphere but a constant plain reminder of the world-changing is not what everyone wants all the time.

This is why the application of Carrot which is a weather app uses a distinct way of telling the weather. These updates not only provide the user with the information but lighten the mood as well. These updates use satire to deliver the news about ice caps and glaciers melting and polar bears getting fewer in numbers with time.

New development and manner of reporting weather news are now introduced by the Carrot app. It has a wet bulb made in the application. The bulb basically gets filled and signifies the heat present in the atmosphere. When it is filled up to a certain level, it denotes that it is so hot that the human body will shut down. This new feature is speculated to be useful in recent high temperatures.

At a temperature of 80-degree Fahrenheit, the human body cannot cool itself through sweating and other mechanisms, hence causing it to collapse. This temperature is recorded in the wet bulb to remind the user to stay hydrated or get shelter in a cool place or shade. Once 95 degrees is hit at the wet bulb scale, organs start to stop functioning and the body may go towards demise. Columbia University has also stressed the importance of this feature as this rise in temperature can occur at any place and will guide people to monitor the temperature to survive.

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