This Wearable Robotic Hand Can Rehabilitate Stroke Victims

Scientists and researchers are working relentlessly to make worthwhile and extremely necessary breakthroughs in the field of medicine. They are trying to devise solutions for people who have difficulty functioning normally due to the conditions they have developed. Research on new materials and the creation of new devices has always aided patients in spending their lives normally, despite the effects of conditions they might be going through.

One of such creations is the new NCyborg. This is basically a robotic system that is designed for faster relay of messages from the brain to other parts of the body for people who have experienced a stroke. The stroke causes their nervous system to be slowed down and there is a significant delay in carrying messages across the body, originating from the brain.

The innovation is the outcome of efforts made by China’s Tongji Hospital and Harvard-affiliated brain-computer interface company BrainCo. The mechanism is designed to aid the electric signals generated for movements. The device comprises a headband, an armband, and a glove. When the patient needs to move his or her hand, the brain will produce electric messages. These messages have a certain pattern. All patterns are fed into an AI machine attached to the system. The machine will then identify the pattern given out from the brain and emulate the same signals. This will cause the hand to move in a certain direction or for a certain purpose.

Research is still in its preliminary stages, and it is expected that a fully functional version will be available in the market in the next five years. The accuracy of the mechanism is around 90 percent with a reaction time of 300 milliseconds. The hand will be able to make 8 entire movements as guided by the robotic bands. This certainly is a huge achievement in the arena.

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