This Wayward Theory Believes That The Path To Immortality Is An Empty Room With A Nuke

quantum suicide

One of my favorite memes on Facebook is “You went full retard. Never go full retard!” and this guy probably went full retard. There is no way to prove his theory and the only way to even attempt this is a nuclear suicide! This weird concept from a relatively fantasial branch of Quantum Physics tries to argue this insane theoy without any concrete backing at all. But, lets just hear it out before passing any judgement and in many ways it is just a thought process and not an actual thing. Quantum Physics itself is also an obscure part of Science and in many instances, it can’t be measured without altering anything else in return so it is kind of a paradox in which the answer can’t be found out at all. Just food for thought.

Many of us know about the Many World Interpretation especially if you have seen Jet Li’s movie The One. It has remained a theory and never has once been endorsed by anyone so it is more of a hypothesis to say the most. Aside from the obvious clash with common sense, lets see how it goes. According to these guys, whenever a situation pertaining the chance happens, the universe splits into infinite multiple parallel universes in which each of the outcome takes place. So, basically if you are on a cliff and contemplating to jump or not and you decide to jump, an alternative place exists where you didn’t jump and survive. So, basically whenever you die in a chancy situation, a part of you lives in an alternative universe. What do you know? Sort of like Sliding doors on a quantum scale.

I am not that good at explaining this stuff so I will leave the rest of the understanding in this video:

But doesn’t this translate to the fact that we all are immortal already since we all have had chances in which we probably died but were saved. Its a good thing you are living in the right alternative universe as of yet!

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