This Water Slide Ferris Wheel Might Be The Dream Come True For Every Adrenaline Driven Person Ever

Don’t all of us love those long water slide rides, passing through hills and curves and making our stomach churn like nothing else, but you know what would be more fun? A water slide combined with Ferris wheels. That’s right. A German company has come up with the idea to create the nauseating attraction for every water slide lover ever and its called the Slidewheel and it’s awesome.


The wiegand.maelzer GmbH’s slidewheel looks like a giant tangled colorful plastic pipe. For you to untangle it, you have to take a ride. The Slidewheel rotates slowly at a rate of three revolutions per minute, with a raft speed more than 25 miles per hour. If you are having trouble imagining how the ride works, watch the animated X-ray video below:

Wiegand.maelzer GmbH has not given the word yet about the opening of the ride. But the company has already received a large number of preorders from amusement parks around the globe, and it is also working on creating smaller, dry version suitable to install in smaller venues like shopping malls and indoors.

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